Would you like to go on a pilgrimage and not have to drive? In this year of the 100th anniversary of Fatima we feel Our Lord is calling the women of Magnificat to the National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help, located in Champion WI. to pray and honor the Mother of God.

More than 150 years separate Adele’s visions of the Blessed Virgin
Mary and the Church’s official approval of the apparitions.

When the news of her visions first began to spread, some settlers were skeptical. Yet, the apparitions inspired others; it lifted their spirits and confirmed their hope. Despite adversities and misconceptions, Adele held herself accountable to our Holy Mother’s commands and embraced her mission.

The Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help is now the only Marian shrine in the United States on the site of an approved apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Our Holy Mother had already appeared twice to Adele between two trees – one a maple, the other hemlock – along a rural trail. When she appeared for the third and final time, young Adele asked, “What more can I do, dear Lady?” Mary’s direction was simple: “Gather the children in this wild country and teach them what they should know for salvation.”

“But how shall I teach them who know so little myself?” Adele asked.Mary replied, “Teach them their catechism, how to sign themselves with the sign of the Cross, and how to approach the sacraments; that is what I wish you to do. Go and fear nothing. I will help you.”

Adele devoted the rest of her life to spreading Mary’s good news. Her commitment continues to be as inspiring as it is humbling to the thousands of visitors that journey to the Shrine every year.

Saved from the fire:

12 years after the apparitions, the same firestorm that devastated Peshtigo, Wisconsin threatened the Shrine. Its story reminds us that journeys are not always what we expect. Forests can become thick and paths uncertain. But, if you listen closely for a soft breeze, glimmers of sun will break through the rustling canopy of leaves. It will cast a brilliant and perhaps unexpected light upon your path.

The Sisters, the children, area farmers and their families fled to the Shrine’s chapel for protection from the unprecedented fire. In defiance of the inferno, they lifted the statue of Mary and carried it around the sanctuary. When wind and fire threatened suffocation in one direction, they turned in another direction to pray.

Hours later, a downpour began to extinguish the raging fire. The area surrounding the Shrine’s grounds was destroyed and desolate. Though the fire charred the chapel fence, it had not harmed the chapel grounds. The only livestock to survive the fire were the cattle farmers led to the chapel. Though the chapel well was only a few feet deep, it gave the cattle outside all the water they needed to survive the fire, while many deeper wells in the area went dry.

Adele asked those assembled at the chapel to retire to the convent. There, they were made as comfortable as possible for the rest of the night. The Belgian pioneers needed no more proof that Mary’s promise to Adele was genuine.

Following the example of Adele Brise, who first encountered the Queen of Heaven at this site, we journey together, seeking a deeper relationship with Christ through Mary. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity and invite a friend.

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