Colleen Willard’s inspirational story has been spread throughout many regions of the world to give hope that prayers are really heard, and to the true, healing presence of Our Lord in the Eucharist Colleen was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, multiple health problems and in 24 hour pain. Life was ending..or so she thought…

 Journey with her as she shares the unfolding of events that led to her complete surrender to God’s will. Hear how the family came to deal with the pain and struggle of bearing this heart wrenching new and day by day, seeing her becoming immobile and deteriorating from the vibrant wife and mother they once knew.

 Then, as she laid in her hospital bed at home thinking of all the things she would leave behind for her loved ones, she was inspired to see a gift right in front of her that would be more of value and lasting for all eternity…the Gift of Prayer. Her surrender and acceptance of the Cross with Jesus brought her such incredible joy now, even as her health deteriorated, that her soul could no longer ask for anything else. 

 Little did she know that her desire to make a “pinnacle of prayer” for others would be met with many obstacles set before them. In a point of desperation, she called to God to let her know His will for them and he did…in a most profound way… and every time she retells this part of the story, you can hear the gasps coming from the room of listeners in astonishment!

Now, with God opening the door, your heart will be moved to hear of how her husband, never wanting to leave her side, found strength in granting her wishes to go to this remote village in Bosni-Hercegovnia, called Medjugorje, With her husband pushing her in her wheelchair watching her still in 24 hour pain, heavy narcotic, she said a simple prayer in the silence of her heart to the Mother of God. It was soon after, that she would be prayed over by the visionary Vicka Mijatovic, and upon receiving the Holy Eucharist, she announced to her husband had had no more pain and later that day, was able to walk again which was something she had not done for 
2 ½ years! 

Listen to her share all of the reactions of her sons seeing a mother returning in an "upright" position, talking freely, breathing and embracing them without pain! Laugh with her over the joyous reunion with her physicians and team of doctors who were managing her care and their reactions to her healing! It is a story that will astonish even those who do not believe in miracles. 

Don’t miss this awesome testimony as Colleen and John bear witness to what God can do and through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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