For 36 years, evangelist Stella Davis told her uplifting, inspiring, yet solid theology to thousands worldwide. Her healing ministry follows her wherever she goes with witness of healing of ailments from cancer to broken bones, family problems, etc. as the Power of God manifests in a very powerful way!

Stella herself had a near-death experience. While visiting friends in Chicago, she fell down 16 steps. During her fall, she hit her back and neck. Her hands go caught on the iron stair rail and bent her fingers backwards. Stella stated. "My whole body was just a mess."

By the time she reached the botton she had died. She saw that she had two bodies: a spiritual one and a physical one. She says her spiritual body left the flesh down on the floor as she slowly rose upwards. Stella says, "The higher I would get the brighter it was, and the greater the intensity of love, joy, peace and tranquility...words can't even describe."

There's much more to her awesome story. Join us at the breakfast to find out how through God's grace her broken leg was healed. Her whole body was miraculously and instantaneously healed.

She also has the charism to speak in the native tongue on the countries she visits even though she never learned those specific languages. Once, while teaching to a Spanish group, the interpreter was late. Stella began speaking in English then her words turned to Spanish, a language she normally did not speak. At that same gathering, some Filipino people were present and they heard her in their language. Once while in Japan she taught in Japanese, another time in Hebrew, Arabic and Latin all without prior knowledge of those languages.

Stella is the founder and President of Christian Women in Action (CWIA), the author of two books, "Spiritual Warfare" and "Giving God the Praise." She also served as President of Alexandria Women Aglow International and as President of Arlington Magnificat. She is a member of the International Association for Deliverance (IAD) in Rome.

Stella was comissioned as an evangelist at Franciscan University of Steubenville by Fr. Michael Scanlan.

She as been featured on Christian television and radio and thousands have come to the Lord and been healed through her ministry.

Her theology is simple: Believe what the Bible says God is and can do; believe what the Bible says we are and can do; and go ahead and live it.

Stella says, "We're on a journey." Join us at the Magnificat breakfast on Saturday September 16th and make Stella's teaching and testimony part of your journey.

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